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We Weep Together!


When liberating from it’s weary load,
Black clouds form in the sky,
My eyes too get dark and wet,
As we together cry!

Pearls falling from the heaven,
Conceals my tears in the mist,
How could anyone notice?
As I coexist!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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Salty Pearls


Salty pearls, produced in vain,
Falls down like a heavy rain,
They run down through my cheeks,
I remain silent but my eyes speak!

Bearing everything alone,
And walking a path unknown,
I drink the pearls of my eyes,
Every night, as my heart cries!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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The One Who Pulled Me Out Of My Darkness!

Once there was a time,
A time so sad and lonely,
When I was drowning in an ocean,
Filled with my tears only!

Wanted to abandon this world,
And sleep forever in a grave,
But God blessed me with you,
And I was saved!

I learnt from you the meaning of life,
The perspective of being positive,
Your care and concern for me,
Is surely effective!

You’ve done so much for me,
How can I ever thank you,
You were always there in my good days,
And on my sorrows, you cried too!

I was waiting for a friend like you,
Who would save me from my emptiness,
I am really grateful to you,
For you pulled me out of my darkness!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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Death isn’t what we think,
It can destroy things within a blink,
It brings only anguish and tears,
It leaves people to suffer for years!

People die but leave a scar behind,
A wound so deep and unkind,
They must be resting in peace,
But they leave us crying on our knees!

Tears flow forever,
Things never get better,
Pain and sorrows grow everyday,
Some bruises don’t heal, they stay!

This deadly chain of demise,
Will continue to numb our eyes,
It’ll pass on to you and me,
Life doesn’t come with guarantee!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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The world is repugnant,
No one is innocent,
Serenity now horrifies me,
Gloom seems better than glee!

Waking up each day is worse,
There’s nothing painful than this curse,
There are billions of people out there,
But none of them really care!

Darkness feels like heaven,
The more the pain, the more I strengthen,
Happiness isn’t what I need,
A knife would be perfect, to stop my heart beat!

Soft was my heart,
But the world tore me apart,
I’ve hurt and been hurt times, countless,
Eventually, I’ve become heartless!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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The Echoes Of School Memos..!!

The days of school,
When life rocked and ruled,
They sure were precious moments,
When we were sweet little students!

The funny moments of Science class,
The boring hours of Maths, won’t pass,
The English classes, full of activities,
The slow-motion work in Islamic Studies!

We fought with our friends,
But forgave them also in the end,
We did mischievious things,
During class, we would sing!

We’d tease our teachers,
We gave our principal, high fevers,
We were so evil and mischievious,
But we love our school, so precious!

Making fun of each other,
Tickling friends to see their anger,
Hurting them then asking forgiveness,
Aah!! The days truly were of wierdness!

So many years we spent together,
Truth and love was beyond measures,
The memories, when we reminisce,
We experience true joy and bliss!

Such precious moments were these,
Our friends, when we would tease,
The smiles, the tears, the giggles, the fears,
Will forever be alive, it won’t disappear!

The precious memories,
Are like sweet melodies,
Which calms us down,
Whenever we wear a frown!

The days now seem so boring,
In school, we want to spend one morning,
We’ll miss those blissful days,
The memories, forever we’ll chase!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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A Mother’s Letter To Her Daughter

Dear daughter, the day you were born,
Brought joy to me, I no longer mourned,
You came and fulfilled my life,
You’re the reason, I never strife!

I held you high up in my arms,
Then you’d laugh with all your charms,
You’d smile brightly with teeth, only two,
And I’d kiss you, times many, not few!

When it was your first day at school,
You thought people there were cruel,
So right beside you, I sat,
And comforted you from the lady, old fat!

Whenever you got hurt,
It too left a scar on my heart,
You cried and came to mummy,
And hugged me on my tummy,

The days are full of glee,
But you’re growing so quickly,
And I remembered the nightmare of my life,
That daughters will depart and become someone’s wife!

We spent so many years together,
You shared your secrets and pleasures,
But now the day is near,
To bid you goodbye, my dear!

You came in my life as a blessing,
And now it’s the day of your wedding,
Today I’m shining like a bright star,
But not tomorrow ’cause you’ll be far!

Daughters are the life of a family,
They’re so delicate, so lovely,
God made daughters so precious,
I wish the journey was endless!

But it can’t be like that,
You’ll have to go to a new flat,
One day, you’ll understand a mother’s pain,
As a daughter will be born again!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah