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You Are Loved Always!


Years from now,
When you must’ve forgotten my name,
Or maybe even my existence,
That once I was a burning flame,
Who brightened the non-trivial soul.

Years from now,
When you must have moved on,
Deviated far away from me,
I’ll be revisiting the streets,
To trace the unanticipated detour.

Years from now,
When you must be busy,
Doing all the things you should be doing,
I’ll be deciphering the signs,
The foretold allusions of the gypsy.

Years from now,
When you must be living in harmony,
And admiring your serene slumber,
I’ll secretly kiss your hand every night,
And fade out of your dreams.

Years from now,
I’ll be praying for your blissful existence,
From this nostalgic heart,
Veiled from your consciousness,
That you are loved always.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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The Daisies

She is sweet as the daffodils,
More cute than the teddies,
Talking to her seems like,
Fluttering are daisies.

She looks like a queen,
Who laughs like babies,
Seeing her giggles seems like,
Smiling are daisies.

Singing songs, composing poetry,
Are her main hobbies,
She writes them but it seems like,
Speaking are daisies.

Knowing that she’s happy,
Dismisses all my worries,
But when she’s sad it seems like,
Dying are daisies.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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I Will Be There!


Amidst those lifeless beings,
Those creatures of stone,
There exists a person,
Who, when I moan,
Shows up,
With a flashlight,
In the morning,
Or under moonlight,
With a smile so bright,
Who knows when to speak,
And when to just listen,
Who jumps up with joy,
When see me revive,
See me glisten,
And then I look up into the sky,
Thank both of them,
For having the one,
Who truly cares,
The one who yells and proves,
“I Will Be There!”

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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Throw me away,
Throw me far and wide,
Into the dark woods,
Without a guide.

Throw me away,
Throw me deep in the ocean,
Let my heart sink,
Without the love potion.

Throw me away,
Throw me high into the clouds,
See me descend back,
As I search you in the crowd.

Throw me into solitude,
Or into the breathless air,
I’ll find my way back to you,
Like a boomerang midair!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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Late night charms,
Lying on his arms,
Cuddling tight,
During mid night,
The caressing kiss,
Moments of bliss,
Feels eternity until sunrise,
So lets fantasize,
Lets synchronize!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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We Weep Together!


When liberating from it’s weary load,
Black clouds form in the sky,
My eyes too get dark and wet,
As we together cry!

Pearls falling from the heaven,
Conceals my tears in the mist,
How could anyone notice?
As I coexist!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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Salty Pearls


Salty pearls, produced in vain,
Falls down like a heavy rain,
They run down through my cheeks,
I remain silent but my eyes speak!

Bearing everything alone,
And walking a path unknown,
I drink the pearls of my eyes,
Every night, as my heart cries!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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The One Who Pulled Me Out Of My Darkness!

Once there was a time,
A time so sad and lonely,
When I was drowning in an ocean,
Filled with my tears only!

Wanted to abandon this world,
And sleep forever in a grave,
But God blessed me with you,
And I was saved!

I learnt from you the meaning of life,
The perspective of being positive,
Your care and concern for me,
Is surely effective!

You’ve done so much for me,
How can I ever thank you,
You were always there in my good days,
And on my sorrows, you cried too!

I was waiting for a friend like you,
Who would save me from my emptiness,
I am really grateful to you,
For you pulled me out of my darkness!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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Death isn’t what we think,
It can destroy things within a blink,
It brings only anguish and tears,
It leaves people to suffer for years!

People die but leave a scar behind,
A wound so deep and unkind,
They must be resting in peace,
But they leave us crying on our knees!

Tears flow forever,
Things never get better,
Pain and sorrows grow everyday,
Some bruises don’t heal, they stay!

This deadly chain of demise,
Will continue to numb our eyes,
It’ll pass on to you and me,
Life doesn’t come with guarantee!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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A Mother’s Letter To Her Daughter

Dear daughter, the day you were born,
Brought joy to me, I no longer mourned,
You came and fulfilled my life,
You’re the reason, I never strife!

I held you high up in my arms,
Then you’d laugh with all your charms,
You’d smile brightly with teeth, only two,
And I’d kiss you, times many, not few!

When it was your first day at school,
You thought people there were cruel,
So right beside you, I sat,
And comforted you from the lady, old fat!

Whenever you got hurt,
It too left a scar on my heart,
You cried and came to mummy,
And hugged me on my tummy,

The days are full of glee,
But you’re growing so quickly,
And I remembered the nightmare of my life,
That daughters will depart and become someone’s wife!

We spent so many years together,
You shared your secrets and pleasures,
But now the day is near,
To bid you goodbye, my dear!

You came in my life as a blessing,
And now it’s the day of your wedding,
Today I’m shining like a bright star,
But not tomorrow ’cause you’ll be far!

Daughters are the life of a family,
They’re so delicate, so lovely,
God made daughters so precious,
I wish the journey was endless!

But it can’t be like that,
You’ll have to go to a new flat,
One day, you’ll understand a mother’s pain,
As a daughter will be born again!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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The Insomniac!

He works all day,
He keeps himself busy,
But still during night,
He never feels dizzy!

During the working hours,
He experiences many anguishes,
But no matter how sad he be,
At night his pain vanishes!

The Sun doesn’t bring joy to him,
He feels like a lonely bird,
He loves his company at night,
When nothing can be heard!

His life after midnight,
Brings joy and happiness to him,
The moments spent with himself,
Makes him happy, hides his grim!

His days are gloomy,
But happy are his nights,
He lies awake in his room,
Aah! He feels so bright!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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I Know He Will


It was life’s coincidence?
Or just a step, wrong?
Things sure seem painful!
But this won’t last long!

Everything happens for a reason,
I believe it now!
Though I’m broken and tired,
I’ll live with this somehow!

I’m happy or sad?
Even I don’t know!
One day things will get better,
A beautiful path, God will show!

I try to smile but its difficult,
It’s not so easy as it seems,
But this is the cold truth,
Broken are my dreams!

Not everything we get in life,
Some dreams never fulfill,
But I know that happiness,
He has shown me, and He further will !

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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The Little Martyred Hearts

This is a tribute to all the innocent brave little students, who lost their lives in the Peshawar Attack (16 December,2014)

So curious were these little gems,
They were the Nation’s stem,
The last time, their mothers kissed them,
Because some didn’t return from the mayhem.

To fulfill their sparkling dreams,
School went those little streams,
But we heard their scary screams,
And saw red bloodstreams.

The books looked all red,
Everyone thought ink has spread,
But seeing the bodies dead,
We knew it was blood instead.

Though small but they were strong,
Suffer could they for how long?
Education, to them it belongs!
Were they doing something wrong?

How could you even think of doing it?
Those innocent souls,how could you hit?
Those bright dreams, how could you slit?
Don’t you have feelings? Not little bit?

You were a coward, they were brave,
Like soldiers, did they behave,
For us, their lives they gave,
“Repent!” For one day you’ll be enslaved!

For the students, we all pray,
Happiness they may see through their way,
We’ll never forget this agonizing day,
For the sad memories will always stay.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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It Was Out Of My Control

It was fate, it was not me,
At first, strangers were we,
Slowly friends we had to be,
My life started to reflect glee.

Slowly I got to know you,
Friends we became in days few,
Strong our friendship grew too,
And slowly, I fell for you.

Day by day, to you I grew close,
I wanted to give you a beautiful rose,
‘Cause your heart so purely glows,
And you were there through my highs and lows.

In my life, you play such a vital role,
You’re such a beauty, you’re a pretty soul,
In my heart, your name I had enrolled,
‘Cause this heart was way out of my control.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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When I Think Of You

Wind starts blowing, miracles start happening,
When’er about you, I start imagining.

My lips smile deeper and deeper,
I remain no longer a weeper.

My head starts to sing, my body starts to dance,
Whenever I see you, even just a glance.

Sadness just flows away forever,
My life becomes full of pleasures.

Seeing you makes my beats go loud,
You make me shy more than a huge crowd.

Even angels grumble about thee,
“She’s more pretty, it envies me”.

You make me happy, yes you!
I smile always when’er I think of you.

It’s hard to tell but it’s true,
Day and night, I just think of you.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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A Faithful Journey


Dressed in old rags,
A feeble man was strolling,
Though his face reflected serenity,
But a heavy heart he was carrying.

The atmosphere was pleasant,
Everything seemed so pure,
But he wasn’t in his good spirits,
And for his queries, there was no cure,

Bearing this hindrance,
Miles he traveled alone,
Near pavements, at times he sat,
Where he rested his weary bones.

He progressed towards many places,
And saw many beautiful hyacinths,
They stimulated him very much,
But still his life was a labyrinth.

Was it a coincidence or maybe,
The Mighty was examining his faith in Him,
Abruptly the weather turned bad,
And the sky got dark and dim.

He carried on his journey,
With determination in his mind,
To not to come to a halt and,
Have trust in Him, the Kind.

After a short period,
He got caught up in icy cold gusts,
He was shivering with cold but,
He trusted the Merciful, the Just,

Though he had many difficulties,
And his life was full of gloom,
Still he chose to believe in Him,
And the Day of Doom.

It’s true, only He can give life,
And only He can take away our breath,
It was his faith which guarded him,
From the deadly jaws of death,

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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A is for our Awesome friendship,
B for the Beauty you equip.

C is for your Cuteness, an angel you must be,
D is for Doing insane things, just for me.

E is for the Eagerness to talk, it’s true,
F is for Forgive me whenever hurted you.

G is for the Giggles, yours are bright as the sun,
H is for Helping me when there was no one.

I is for being my Ideal Inspiration,
J is the Joy I feel when you’re in my imagination.

K is for your Kindness, you’re a precious ruby,
L is for Lightning my life so gloomy.

M is for our Memories, so fond,
N is for our Never-ending friendship bonds.

O is for being so Open hearted,
P is for your Presents, I’ll always guard it.

Q is for you look like a Queen,
R is for Remembering me, even in your cuisine.

S is for making my life Special and great,
T is for Thank you for being my best mate.

U is because you’re Unforgettable,
V is for your Voice, you can sing you’re capable.

W is for your lovely Writing, mine is bizarre,
X is for Xtra-ordinary, truly you are.

Y is for I Yearn that happy You always be,
Z is for Zillions of happines you blessed me.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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Keep Smiling

Worries and tensions,
Neither give them nor take,
Have firm belief in God,
Let not it be opaque.

Sorrows and sadness,
For it, don’t make any place,
No matter how you feel,
Never sadden your pretty face.

Even in the darkest nights,
When the wolves, be howling,
You might get frightened
But keep smiling.

Forget the past,
Don’t keep dwelling,
Enjoy the present,
And keep smiling.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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Sweet Mother

You’re the sweetest,
The most loving person on earth,
You gave me life,
You gave me birth.

You’re my soul mate,
Our friendship will never end,
I’m really happy to have,
You as my friend.

You’re my teacher,
You taught me everything,
And because of you,
I started caring.

My good deeds,
Is the result of your effort,
You changed me into a forest,
From a barren desert.

You gave me so much care,
Upon me, it’s like a due,
I thank you by saying,
Mama!! I love you.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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My Colourful Tears

I’ve seen a lot of happiness,
So much joy, It makes me fly,
But sadness also knows me well,
It makes me cry.

I’ve cried a lot,
Because of hurt and pain,
But my tears also flow,
When happiness, I gain.

Red jewels flow in hurt,
And white, in cheers,
Excitement releases the blue ones,
These are my colourful tears.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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My Dad

You love me so much,
For me, you care,
You stood there for me but,
Now where have you gone daddy?

You fulfilled my needs,
My wishes were never discarded,
You never made me sad but,
Now where have you gone daddy?

I miss those days,
Those moments of love,
You promised me you’ll stay but,
Now where have you gone daddy?

You are my inspiration,
My love, my affection,
Without you, I am nothing,
Where have you gone daddy?

Now I’m growing big,
And I choose to be like you,
Because my heart declares,
You are in it, daddy!!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah

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One Step Backward

Staring me from the shore,
She saw me sinking in the ocean,
I was startled to see her taking,
One step backward.

All my hopes vanished,
All those promises were broken,
I was dying alone when she took,
One step backward.

She didn’t even smile for the last time,
She didn’t even bid me goodbye,
My beats stopped when I saw her going,
One step backward.

I was fair, did she even care?
My heart burst, wasn’t she hurt?
Was I still alive just to see her go,
One step backward?

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah