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I Will Be There!


Amidst those lifeless beings,
Those creatures of stone,
There exists a person,
Who, when I moan,
Shows up,
With a flashlight,
In the morning,
Or under moonlight,
With a smile so bright,
Who knows when to speak,
And when to just listen,
Who jumps up with joy,
When see me revive,
See me glisten,
And then I look up into the sky,
Thank both of them,
For having the one,
Who truly cares,
The one who yells and proves,
“I Will Be There!”

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah


I am a student, consumed by wanderlust. love to travel and explore, both the world and myself. I can't resist my love for new words, I'm a keen logophile. I love to do things which yields felicity. Having a profound intimacy with music, it's the only thing that can lure me back to tranquillity. With a blazing desire to carve poetry, I believe scribbling my thoughts into words brings me peace of mind. It revives me and makes me enlivened.

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