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My Colourful Tears

I’ve seen a lot of happiness,
So much joy, It makes me fly,
But sadness also knows me well,
It makes me cry.

I’ve cried a lot,
Because of hurt and pain,
But my tears also flow,
When happiness, I gain.

Red jewels flow in hurt,
And white, in cheers,
Excitement releases the blue ones,
These are my colourful tears.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah


I am a student, consumed by wanderlust. love to travel and explore, both the world and myself. I can't resist my love for new words, I'm a keen logophile. I love to do things which yields felicity. Having a profound intimacy with music, it's the only thing that can lure me back to tranquillity. With a blazing desire to carve poetry, I believe scribbling my thoughts into words brings me peace of mind. It revives me and makes me enlivened.

2 thoughts on “My Colourful Tears

  1. Beneath your sweet, smiling and cute persona lies a person mature than his age. I can understand how you feel. Pain changes people. It has definitely changed you. But I want to see you happy. I can’t bear to see my students sad. Cheers! Love you! 🙂

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