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A is for our Awesome friendship,
B for the Beauty you equip.

C is for your Cuteness, an angel you must be,
D is for Doing insane things, just for me.

E is for the Eagerness to talk, it’s true,
F is for Forgive me whenever hurted you.

G is for the Giggles, yours are bright as the sun,
H is for Helping me when there was no one.

I is for being my Ideal Inspiration,
J is the Joy I feel when you’re in my imagination.

K is for your Kindness, you’re a precious ruby,
L is for Lightning my life so gloomy.

M is for our Memories, so fond,
N is for our Never-ending friendship bonds.

O is for being so Open hearted,
P is for your Presents, I’ll always guard it.

Q is for you look like a Queen,
R is for Remembering me, even in your cuisine.

S is for making my life Special and great,
T is for Thank you for being my best mate.

U is because you’re Unforgettable,
V is for your Voice, you can sing you’re capable.

W is for your lovely Writing, mine is bizarre,
X is for Xtra-ordinary, truly you are.

Y is for I Yearn that happy You always be,
Z is for Zillions of happines you blessed me.

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah


I am a student, consumed by wanderlust. love to travel and explore, both the world and myself. I can't resist my love for new words, I'm a keen logophile. I love to do things which yields felicity. Having a profound intimacy with music, it's the only thing that can lure me back to tranquillity. With a blazing desire to carve poetry, I believe scribbling my thoughts into words brings me peace of mind. It revives me and makes me enlivened.

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