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The One Who Pulled Me Out Of My Darkness!

Once there was a time,
A time so sad and lonely,
When I was drowning in an ocean,
Filled with my tears only!

Wanted to abandon this world,
And sleep forever in a grave,
But God blessed me with you,
And I was saved!

I learnt from you the meaning of life,
The perspective of being positive,
Your care and concern for me,
Is surely effective!

You’ve done so much for me,
How can I ever thank you,
You were always there in my good days,
And on my sorrows, you cried too!

I was waiting for a friend like you,
Who would save me from my emptiness,
I am really grateful to you,
For you pulled me out of my darkness!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah


I am a student, consumed by wanderlust. love to travel and explore, both the world and myself. I can't resist my love for new words, I'm a keen logophile. I love to do things which yields felicity. Having a profound intimacy with music, it's the only thing that can lure me back to tranquillity. With a blazing desire to carve poetry, I believe scribbling my thoughts into words brings me peace of mind. It revives me and makes me enlivened.

18 thoughts on “The One Who Pulled Me Out Of My Darkness!

  1. It’s so beautiful! And do you know what’s more beautiful than this poem? Your sense of gratitude! Many of us fail fail to appreciate the people in our lives. But you haven’t missed that! Good work! πŸ™‚

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