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My Dad

You love me so much,
For me, you care,
You stood there for me but,
Now where have you gone daddy?

You fulfilled my needs,
My wishes were never discarded,
You never made me sad but,
Now where have you gone daddy?

I miss those days,
Those moments of love,
You promised me you’ll stay but,
Now where have you gone daddy?

You are my inspiration,
My love, my affection,
Without you, I am nothing,
Where have you gone daddy?

Now I’m growing big,
And I choose to be like you,
Because my heart declares,
You are in it, daddy!!

By : Yousuf A. Ajabshah


I am a student, consumed by wanderlust. love to travel and explore, both the world and myself. I can't resist my love for new words, I'm a keen logophile. I love to do things which yields felicity. Having a profound intimacy with music, it's the only thing that can lure me back to tranquillity. With a blazing desire to carve poetry, I believe scribbling my thoughts into words brings me peace of mind. It revives me and makes me enlivened.

10 thoughts on “My Dad

  1. Where ever he is, just know that he is happy and really proud of you! How fortunate you are to have shared such fond memories with him. Some people don’t even have memories to hold on to…
    And your poem? Well, it’s great! Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

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